Green Apple International Dance School

Green Apple International Dance School is the place where you learn, develop, have fun, achieve and succeed in life. The idea of creating this dance school in Hong Kong was born between group of professional, globally known dancers, coaches and dance enthusiasts for the future generations and best of kids development and best enjoyable time experience for the adults while learning to dance. The first branch of ballroom and social dance school.

Being high professionals, parents and a huge dance lovers we have decided to provide in Hong Kong a professional way of kids development in ballroom dancing. We build and establish a learning program for children from their early years to develop their personal skills, their physical and mental abilities, introduce the beauty of ART.

We also introduce the specially designed social and ballroom dancing classes for adults to enjoy their time, socialize, recharge their energy and to learn some of the world’s mainstream dancing styles like Salsa, Bachata, Smooth and many more. And all this you can enjoy close to you home in Tseung Kwan O.

Green Apple Dance School also has the physical development, fitness and recreation classes for adult and kids. All this will help to achieve a highest level of live quality.

We are opening the amazing world of dance to you and will guide you to enjoy it and build the best possible career in this world.

About us

Our mission

Our mission is to enable children from different social backgrounds to come to our school and in the process of continuous growth, training and education in the ballroom, in non-academic classes, to perform their dancing abilities at the competitions, festivals, events, etc.

Our goal is to teach adults and kids to get individuality by demonstrating the capabilities of the body and mind. We create the dancing educational system, according to the dance and educational laws but supplemented by a systems approach, where the principles of learning are observed, regularities of development are determined, setting the rate of growing and developing for children and kids and improving the skills for adults.

Everyone can become a member of our Green Apple Dance family!