We are going to implement our program of Ballroom/Latin dance education from the age of 3- and 4-years old children. Firstly, we have to understand that it has been already proven many times through numerous studies that at the age of 3 and 4 years old and up to 14 years old children are the most sensitive to art skills development. The influence of music, rhythm, and dance can’t be underestimated. At this age, the child’s body can develop a great musical ear and seed the art skills for future life. Understanding what is going on with the child’s body at these ages can show us how to help them to develop in the best form.
Coordination of the movement during the dance, following the rhythm that’s the best exercise for a child’s brain, micro motoric abilities. Listening to pleasant and fun music will help to develop the neuro system and musical ear. These skills might not be visible straight away but they will definitely show themselves later.

At the age of 4-7, it is the time when children form their posture, flexibility of joints, and strength of a core and spine. They gain habits and form character and will. They are preparing for the next, more intellectual, stage of their life. At this age, children struggle with discipline, self-organization, physical movement coordination, and focus. But anyhow, with the great exciting willingness to try something new, to explore and follow if it brings them joy. Joy, happiness, and gratitude that’s what have to surround the child at the age of 4-7 years old. This age kids are also very sensitive to critics and can’t mentally and intellectually understand and except critics. They have to stay in the field of playful, fun atmosphere rather than coming up to an adult’s intellectual life. Emotional balance and happiness are highly important for this age group. Children should gain confidence and believe in themselves along with dancing skills. We offer all the benefits of body, manners, mind, and behavior development at our Ballroom/Latin dance classes for kids.

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