Ballroom (Standard) dancing

Ballroom dancing- is an international dance style, sometimes also known as Standard dancing. The atmosphere of Ladies and Gentlemen circling around the floor in a beautiful long evening dresses, gowns and tail-suits or tuxedos. Beautiful harmony of movements and elegant dancing. Aristocratic principals and level of behavior. A great way for adults to enjoy the evening while dancing ballroom. Or a very effective way to develop main live principles and standards of behavior for young boys and girls. Standard has 5 dances in its program.


  • Waltz- or English waltz-like often dancers name it. A slow and elegant dance that is normally danced in a couple, to a beautiful melody. A lot of swinging, swaying and using your legs and feet, a great way to improve your balance and leg work.
  • Tango- the most charismatic of standard dances. It has its origins from Argentina, where men and women passingly danced in a narrow street of Buenos Aires in the evenings. Tango previously was a Latin dance. Tango has a great combination of smooth body transfer control and sharp and strong movements, it’s great to develop coordination and enjoy dancing to beautiful music.
  • Viennese Waltz- welcome to an atmosphere of a 19th-century ball. A very classic dance, which is still danced at any official event or celebration. Music for this dance was composed by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss and other iconic composers of the past. It is necessary for every person in his life to know how to dance Viennese Waltz.
  • Slow Foxtrot- the most difficult and beautiful of ballroom dances. To dance a beautiful foxtrot dancer must achieve full control over his coordination and balance. Great awareness of body weight transfer and development of musicality and musical hearing skills.
  • Quickstep- fun and energetic dance. Fast movements, changes of directions, combinations of skipping, and hoping. Quickstep is a great way to increase your stamina and speed.
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