Latin is an international dance program that can be danced in a couple or solo. It is a very universal style because you can develop in a professional direction and join competitions and at the same time you can just enjoy dancing, socializing with friends, and keep your body fit at classes or dance parties.  Latin includes 5 different dances.

  • Cha-Cha-Cha – a very rhythmical and playful dance, comes from North America and has a fun and flirty character. It’s great to develop body coordination, speed, strength, and have a fun and enjoyable workout. It is a very effective mental recharge after work or school day.
  • Samba – has its original roots from Brazil, a lot of happiness and fun at Rio-de-Janeiro carnival. Hip movement and energetic music will make you love this dance. It is great for your memory and your rhythmical ear skills development. Great way to pump your stamina when you Samba
  • Rumba – has its origin from Cuba. Very sensual and emotional dance about love. When you are dancing the Rumba you learn communication between men and women. You learn good manners and you gain self-confidence whether you are an adult or a child.
  • Pasodoble – is a very charismatic dance from Spain. Praise of courageous Matadors how joins a bullfight and risks his life and Spanish Lady (Carmen) who has a strong character and pride. Beautiful dance with very special music and choreography, like true performance. It helps you to learn a different culture and increase all of your body and mental skills
  • Jive – American style of dancing, which is a mix of rock-and-roll, twist, boogie-woogie, lindy hop, and other popular dancing. Skipping, hopping, jumping, and enjoying that’s what you have when you dance jive. Make yourself fit and full of energy while you are having fun dancing Jive.
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