Social dance is the most comfortable and smooth way of learning something new for adults. You can start whenever you want – there are no age limits or any superstitions. The huge difference between social dances and Latin Ballroom dances is that you don’t need to have a permanent partner for dancing at parties or festivals. Salsa and Bachata (the main dances of social dance group) boomed around the world almost 10 years ago. Everyone can remember the hottest couple dancing the bachata to the music “Te Extranio” on the dance floor surrounded by palm trees. After the performance of Ataca Jorge and Tanja La Alemana, every Latin dancer was browsing information about this style. There are different types and styles of social dances: Salsa LA, Salsa NY, Salsa Cubana, Bachata Dominican, Bachata Sensual, Kizomba, Zouk, and more. At Green Apple Dance School you can try most of them.
Approximately after one month, you can go to the Salsa and Bachata parties in Hong Kong and enjoy dancing in the social dance community. Information regarding the most popular Salsa and Bachata dance parties you can find below. We have many open dance groups of Salsa and Bachata lessons for adults.
Green Apple Dance School is the only school in Hong Kong where you can learn simultaneously sensual and Dominican bachata from a professional coach, who participated in Bachata Master World Cup. Basic steps and movements, leading and following your partner, work in a couple, footwork, and playing with the rhythm of the music – all you need is to improve your bachata style. Our dance trainers have extensive experience in teaching adults. They have learned their “basic steps” from the very best – Ataca Jorge and Tanja La Alemana, Daniel and Desiree, Ronald and Alba, Carlos Espinosa and Maria Sanchez, Gatica, Jorjet Alcocer, and others. You will see an improvement rapidly if you do it with us! Don’t miss out!

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