Yoga is a Sanskrit word that literally means “yoke.” The practice of yoga is the practice of yoking together or unifying. Not only mean to unify body and mind, but also to see things in various perspectives and understand people around you in a new light.

When practice yoga, pay attention to your body, your thoughts, and your whole sense of self which can change when you adopt different postures on purpose and stay in them for a time, paying full attention from moment to moment.

Work at or within your body’s limits at all times, with the intention of observing and exploring the boundary between what your body can do and where it says, “Stop for now.” Never stretch beyond this limit to the point of strain.

Some discomfort is inevitable when you are working at your limits, but you will need to learn how to enter this healthy “stretching zone” slowly and mindfully so that you are nourishing your body.

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